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    Only the best whole foods. Sourced directly from farmers using regenerative and sustainable practices.


    Freshly milled ingredients. Made from scratch in small batches. As fresh and flavorful as it gets.


    Bake with greater ease. More space and more joy for you and your loved ones.

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Our baking mixes are as fresh, flavorful and nutritious as it gets.

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our baking mixes check all the right boxes

  • 'OKINA

    all organic and regeneratively grown whole food ingredients

    transparently sourced directly from small family farms

    milled fresh weekly in small batches

    healthful, balanced recipes with fresh fruit and veggie add-ins

    delivered straight to your door

    gluten-free and vegan


    no clear connection to farm or source

    preservatives, additives and artificial ingredients

    extended stays in storage or on grocery shelves

    excessive focus on a single health benefit

    filler flours

    high sugar content