The Original Collection (Vegan and Gluten-Free)


Explore our original four ‘Okina mixes — carrot currant masala, banana chocolate chip, zucchini double chocolate and classic base. Each mix features our house-milled, nutrient-dense flour blend, gently sweetened with maple sugar.

Our mixes are crafted in small batches for optimal freshness. Each and every ingredient is the best of the best — sourced directly from regenerative and organic farms.

This collection includes one package of each of the following mixes. Visit each product page for more details.

Carrot Currant Masala Muffin + Bread Baking Mix
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix
Zucchini Double Chocolate Muffin + Bread Baking Mix
Classic Base Muffin + Bread Baking Mix

For optimal freshness, store mix in freezer, and use within 6 months.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Started with the banana chocolate chip mix and it was awesome! Easy to make and they turned out great!

Love these mixes!

Such classy packaging. Very gift worthy set. Double chocolate zucchini is my favorite, but they’re all delicious. I love that they tell you exactly which farms the ingredients come from. So cool to be supporting small farms and bake with such fresh, top-notch ingredients!

A true gem!

I loved this whole collection! You can tell so much care has come into every details from sourcing, packaging, meaning and the products, of course! These mixes are heavenly! They are wholesome and the baked goods that come out of the simple recipes taste so delicious. The umami is there for sure: a perfect balance of subtle sweetness from the flour mixes laced with the fruity or veggie taste of the add-ons! I also love the creative ideas of add-ons we can find on the website! Kristen adds a personal note and a back-to -basics reminder to pause as she explains the name of the company. The whole thing feels graceful, sincere and full of Aloha! And you can truly taste that in the muffins and/or the bread you end up making with her mixes. The quality goes beyond words! Mahalo nui loa for putting out such a conscious and scrumptious product out there!

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