That's why we...

  • Curate the best ingredients for you

  • Craft products that are healthful and flavorful

  • Deliver exceptionally fresh mixes straight to your door

only exceptional ingredients

Organic is our baseline, and our ingredients far surpass the quality of anything you can buy in a grocery store. Each and every ingredient is thoughtfully selected for its exceptional quality and responsible farming practices. We work directly with trusted family farms who are growing organically and regeneratively to bring you whole food ingredients that are good for you and the planet.

convenience without compromise

Our mixes eliminate some of the steps of baking without compromising quality or healthfulness. And, we deliver our exceptionally fresh products straight to your door. That leaves more space and more joy for you and your loved ones.

a note from our founder

What can I feed my family? This journey began with that simple question. As I looked for breakfast and snack options for my kids, I struggled to find products that met my standards. Artificial ingredients, filler flours and overly sweetened baked goods? ...I couldn’t do it. Where was tasty and healthful?

I started baking from scratch, but that quickly shifted from a joy to a chore as I tried to keep up with the appetite of two growing boys. Knowing that others have similar struggles, I created a shortcut -- a baking mix that captures the way you’d bake if you had the time. Made with only the best whole foods. Freshly milled. All grown in ways that are good for you and the planet.

I love getting to share these foods with you. Feeding a family (and ourselves) is both a joy and a challenge. I hope these baking mixes help you find more of the joy!